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Converting a Log to Lumber
The Sawyer will demonstrate how the tree is converted into boards.

Visit to Kevin's Bonsai Collection

Kevin has a passion for Bonsai Trees and owns a significant collection. Refreshments will be provided.
Price: $25 + tax ($28.25).
Duration: Sunday afternoon, June 3rd from 11:00am to 2:00pm.


​When you first step through our doors, you will see our collection of unique works using various wood species & mixed media. These beautiful wood art objects will inspire you and connect you with nature in a new way. For those who would like to bring their favourite piece home, we accept all major forms of payment.

Chip Carving

Chip carving is the process of removing small chips of wood to create images in wood.


​Thinking of learning a new skill? An exciting gift? Maybe a memorable group activity? Our wide variety of courses  teach how to work safely and responsibly to transform one of nature's most beautiful mediums into works of art. Here at Intersections, you will enjoy our small class sizes and experienced and engaging instructors. For private groups, contact us to find out more.


Are you interested in showing your work in a gallery? Do you need some specialised equipment to finish a project? Intersections offers a unique opportunity to explore creative possibilities. Membership includes access to the studio, project queries and access to our extensive library of woodworking books.

Make a Hand Plane

Make a "Krenov style" hand plane with a heavy low-slung iron, adjustable with a light hammer.



Re-acquaint yourself with the art of woodworking or learn a new skill with our expert craftsmen. We will show you everything you need to know about safely expressing yourself in nature's best medium in our woodworking courses in Owen Sound.

Converting a Log to Lumber with Andrew Vereeke,

The Sawyer in Wiarton 

Rescheduled due to flooding: May 19th from 1:30pm to 4:30pm

See how a log from the tree is converted to the boards you need.

Price: $20 + tax ($22.60).